ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"

ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"

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Fresh from the Lab: With the Feedback from more than 35.000 ProPilots we created a new one featuring everything you liked and nothing you did not like. Core Training meets Gaming right out of the box. Inspired by the o.g. Cybertruck...just minus the apocalyptic vibes. For anyone from 4 years up...

Download the ProPilot App from Google Play Store

Download the ProPilot app from the App Store

ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
  • ProPilot®
  • rubberized Trainingpad
  • Magnetic-Adapter for Smartphones
  • Analog Balance Game with magnetic adapter
  • ProPilot® App (Download)
  • ProPilot® Custom Stickerset

          ProPilot® 3.0 "CyberPilot"
          • made from glasfibre reinforced Polyamid
          • up to 330 lbs load
          • ergonomically molded grip pads for increased comfort
          • 28" wide feat. 6" wide grip areas for kids and adults
          • integrated magnetic dock for smartphones and analog games
          • rubberized training pad for slippery floors
          • ProPilot® Custom Stickerset for customization
          • ready to use with a plastic-free package

                The CyberPilot

                One for Everyone

                Workout, Yoga , Gametime with your Kids, App oder fully analog.
                The new CyberPilots features the Feedback of 35.000 ProPilots.
                Easy to use but yet still versatile with its App and analog games.
                Designed for the whole family,
                Are you ready?

                The ProPilot App
                Train with our App

                In Pro Mode you connect your smartphone magnetically to the ProPilot and you can enjoy our new ProPilot app:
                New balance games will make it the most healthy screentime yet.
                No subscription, no hidden fees. Just training that feels like gaming.

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