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What about the straps?

Caught! Many have written to us about the straps: Training with the pods is more difficult than you think anyway. That's why we started without the straps. But they are available now and easy to retrofit.

App for Beginners

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Is there a new App?

Yes! Not an update, but a whole new app. With many new and above all improved functions. You can find out more here

My rubber is wearing out!

Don't worry, the rubber is strong enough! However, make sure you maintain correct posture. The ProPilot® should always be right under the chest to prevent incorrect pushing, which causes abrasion.


My handlebars spin!

The handlebar clamp is designed for up to 150 kg. You can even jump with it! However, it is very important to alternately tighten the two side parts evenly and not to the limit. Please note our information on this:

Is it used?

Don't worry, we only ship new and unused goods. However, for the sake of the environment, we do not use additional plastic film for packaging and use 100% recycled cardboard 🌳. Therefore, the TPE surface is in direct contact with the cardboard and, depending on how it is handled, slight traces or paper dust residue can occur during shipping. These can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Made in Germany

There is a very simple reason why we produce the ProPilot® 100% in Germany: Shorter transport routes are better for the environment. From injection molding to packaging, a ProPilot® travels less than 600km, which is only a fraction of what an average apple has to go through in the supermarket. And just between us: You should just produce things where the quality is best, and sometimes that's not that far away.

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