Praep® X Peter Schermann


Name: Peter Schermann (GER)

Age: 30

Profession: mountain biker

Passion: XC mountain bike

Pushups on the ProPilot®: all

Favorite exercise: Game of B.I.K.E.


PRAEP® X Peter Schermann - single leg Game of B.I.K.E. on the ProPilot®

Peter about Praep®

The competition always shows who has prepared well. I think it's very good that a company is finally devoting itself to this specific preparation. I am proud to be part of it and just like the style, because training can also be cool!

Praep® about Peter

When Peter contacted us in 2019 and told his story, we were immediately there: Fought back from a stroke - that had to be a special character ... And since the first meeting we have the confirmation that it is one. Peter is a model athlete and above all a role model! We are proud to have him with us!


PRAEP® X Peter Schermann - low plank on the ProPilot®


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