Praep® X Elias Schwaerzler


Name: Elias Schwärzler (AUT)

Age: 24

Profession: Mountain biker, You Tuber

Passion: DH mountain bike and motocross

Pushups on the ProPilot®:

Favorite exercise: 
Extended Squats with ProPilot and STRTCH Band

PRAEP® X Elias Schwärzler

Elias about Praep®

Let's be honest: every year when the parks open again you stand as a biker after the first runs at the lift and think "I could have trained a little more". But who wants to go to the weight room or the gym without a specific training plan? When you train around so haphazardly, the other people usually look at you funny ... not so cool. With Praep there is now a brand of bikers for bikers that is dedicated to the topic. For me as a professional it is great to be there and motivate you at home:

Praep® about Elias

When we saw at IG that Elias had a shoulder surgery, we wrote to him whether he was old. Would like to use the ProPilot for the setup and just tell us what he or his physio thinks about it. Not quite 8 months later, the shoulder is fit again and Elias is in our team 👊. He is simply an infinitely motivated, smart and positive guy and his input will crete a ton of benefit for you guys... stay tuned.

PRAEP® X Elias Schwaerzler - Let's Go!


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