Praep® X Bryan Regnier



Name: Bryan Regnier (FRA)

Age: 31

Profession: mountain biker / entrepreneur / producer

Passion: mountain bike freeride

Maximum push-ups on the ProPilot®: 57

Favorite exercise: outdoor workout sessions

PRAEP® X Bryan Regnier - Outdoor Sessions

Bryan on Praep®

Training has always been an essential component for me to have more fun on the bike. However, GYMs have never been a big friend because they just don't fit my lifestyle. At Praep there is exactly the equipment that perfectly prepares me on the go ... No matter whether hotel, road trip or at home.

Praep® on Bryan

We have been Bryan's fans since "from Dirt to the Moon" He is one of a kind, lives his style and rides bikes very very well ... Look forward to some stylish input from France. Welcome to the Team Bro!


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