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Brake better when you need to, train braking when you don't. Our TRGGR trains your trigger finger braking power anytime and anywhere.

Shaped like a brake lever, it has the optimal ergonomics of 1- and 2-finger levers or 2- and 3-finger levers, both for the left and the right hand.



The perfect training tool for any rider, no matter with or without an engine!




Download your owners manual right here here ! There you will find detailed instructions on how to mount the ProPilot with 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars. Tired of reading? No problem! Check out the video below for assembly.



My ProPilot looks used?

Don't worry, we only use new and unused goods. However, for the sake of the environment, we do not use additional plastic film for packaging and use 100% recycled cardboard 🌳. Therefore, the TPE surface is in direct contact with the box and, depending on how it is handled, slight traces or paper dust residues can occur during shipping. These can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. So do not worry!

The app doesn't count push-ups?

We use the proximity sensor on your phone for our pump feature in the app. It actually ensures that the display is switched off as soon as you have the phone to your ear. However, this also means that it only triggers when you are really very close to the display (1-3 cm). You can easily test this with the palm of your hand by holding it very close to the front camera. Here, however, the sensors of the various telephones react with different sensitivity. In addition, the mode is programmed in such a way that it ends the session after 5 seconds without contact. So turn your chest to the display and don't pause too long 💪🤘

Where does the ProPilot come from?

The reason that we produce the ProPilot 100% in Germany has a very simple reason: Shorter transport routes are better for the environment. From injection molding to packaging, a ProPilot covers less than 600 km, which is only a fraction of what an average apple in the supermarket has behind it. And quite between us: You should just produce things where the quality is best, and sometimes this is not that far away.

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